Your needs

The electrical integration of embedded equipments in military devices keeps increasing. This requires an important amount of upstream power. The multiplication of voltages and current levels in the systems requires a tremendous amount of upstream power.

Our expertise

Amphenol Socapex has numerous interconnect options to reduce size and weight, while maintaining needed power requirements. We enjoy a long experience in the field of electrical power, and thus benefits from a large array of competencies and technologies.

We employ the latest technology advancements in order to offer a wide selection of both circular and rectangular high power connectors which suit the increased need for power carrying capability, safety and RoHS requirements.

Amphenol offers power interconnection products spanning all markets and environments designed to meet the highest specifications and offer the best possible performance solution even in high current, high voltage, high vibration or blind mate conditions.

Power technology

Amphenol’s technology expertise enables us to fully exploit the benefits of different housing materials, for example Aluminium and Composites are used for their strength : weight ratio and Stainless Steel or Aluminium Bronze for their corrosion resistance. Different contact designs and termination methods are utilised dependant on the product application and environment. These include specialist low resistance, low temperature rise, RADSOK contacts with hyperbolic geometry which provide a robust and reliable connection even in high vibration conditions.