Supports SATA 3.0 protocol, delivering 6.25 Gb/s data rates & beyond

Key features
  • Ruggedized SATA style
  • Supports SATA 3.0 protocol (6.25 Gb/s) & beyond
  • Rugged Micro-Hyperboloid contacts
  • Low insertion/extraction force
  • Electronic storage systems
  • Peripherals connection
  • C5ISR
Technical information
  • 20 000 mating cycles
  • Resistant to shock, vibration & fretting corrosion
  • 7 pin SATA & Combo 22 pin R-SATA contact arrangements (two differential pairs, 3 ground)
  • Intermountable with standard SATA connectors
  • Foot print compatible with 3M SATA connectors
  • Allows to ruggedize standard COTS drives

The Rugged R-SATA style connector is perfectly suited as the primary internal storage interconnect for desktop and mobile PCs, connecting the system to peripherals such as hard drives, solid state drives, optical drives, and removable magnetic media drives



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A male PCB connector typically has pins or blades that extend out from the connector, while a female PCB connector has receptacles or sockets that the pins or blades can fit into.


Female                                              Male

Amphenol Socapex offers a wide range of board-to-board (PCB) & board-to-cables connectors. Our solutions cover different types of technologies using copper and/or fiber optic and are proposed as high-pin count connector or high-speed solutions
Find out more about Amphenol Socapex PCB connectors here.

If you need any help to select a PCB connector for your aerospace, military or industrial application, please contact our Technical Support team.


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