RNJ Reduced Flange

Where small dimensions & lower weight are critical in blind-mate applications  New!

Key features

• Derived from RNJ - HE308 Rack & Panel connector
• For Jam Nut Plugs & Receptacles, with maximum weight / space savings
• Same realignement capabilities than RNJ

  • Battlefield Communication
  • Grounded vehicles
  • Military avionics
Technical information

Shell material:

  • Aluminium alloy


  • Olive drab cadmium plating
  • Electroless nickel plating
  • Black Zinc Nickel plating

Shell sizes:

  • 8 sizes from 11 to 25


  • More than 60 arrangements of contacts including high density and power versions
  • Size 0000, 00, 4, 8 dedicated power contacts and sizes 8, 12, 16, 20, 22D & 23 contacts for power or data transmission
  • Crimp or PC Tail terminations

Contact protection:

  • 100 % scoop-proof shell
  • Improved interfacial seal ensures sealing around each contact and prevents electrolytic erosion

For environmental applications :

  • Temperature range: -65°C +175°C
  • Insulation resistance > 5000 Mohms at ambient temperature under 500 Vcc

EMI / RFI protection:

  • Shielding ring on the plug shell
  • Shells are grounded before contact mating

"RNJ Reduced Flange offers a smaller & lighter solution when you need Realignement & floatability for blind mate applications."


Brochure RNJ Reduced Flange

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Yes, we offer numerous deviation and shells adaptations on our RNJ connectors. For example, the RNJ range is available in stand-off (double flange), integrated backshells and Reduced Flange. More info on our RNJ Reduced Flange here.

According to your requirements, we can propose some specific designs, please contact our Technical Support team to specify your needs.


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