RJF Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A

Rugged Ethernet RJ45 connectors for harsh environments
New Cat6A version! 
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Key features
  • Compliant with IEC 60603-7 variante 11
  • Bayonet coupling (“Audible & Visual” coupling signal )
  • Robust metallic shells based on MIL-DTL-26482 H - Shell size 18
  • RJ45 cordset retention in the plug: 100N in the axis
  • Oil & Gas
  • Special machines
  • Industrial process control
  • Outdoor Data,
  • VoIP, IPTV
  • Robotics
Technical information

Data transmission: 

  • Cat.5e : Ethernet Class D per ISO/IEC 11801 and Cat.5e connection for 10 Base-T, 100 Base-TX or 1000 Base-T up to 100 MHz networks per TIA/EIA568B.
  • Cat.6 : Ethernet Class E per ISO/IEC 11801 and Cat.6 connection for 10 Base-T, 100 Base-TX or 1000 Base-T up to 250 MHz networks per TIA/EIA568B.
  • Cat.6A : Ethernet Class Ea per ISO/IEC 11801 and Cat.6A connection for 10 Base-T, 100 Base-TX, 1000 Base-T, 10GBaseT up to 500 MHz per TIA/EIA568B.


  • Mating cycles: 500 min
  • Sealed against fluids and dust (IP68)
  • Shock, vibration and traction resistant
  • No cabling operation in field and no tools required
  • Mechanical coding / polarization (4 positions)
  • Compatible with cable diameter from 6 mm [0.236 in] to 13 mm [0.512 in]

Environmental protection

  • Sealing: IP68
  • Salt spray: 48 h with nickel plating
    • > 96 h with black coating
    • < 500 h with olive drab cadmium
  • Fire retardant/Low smoke: UL94 V0 and NF F 16 101 & 16 102
  • Vibrations: 10-500Hz, 10g, 3 axes: no discontinuity >10 nano s
  • Shocks: IK06 ►weight of 250 g drop from 40cm   [15.75 in] onto connectors (mated pair)
  • Humidity: 21 days, 43°C, 98% humidity
  • Temperature range: -40°C / +85°C

With the patented RJStop system you can use a standard RJ45 cordset in a metallic plug which will protect it from shock, dust and fluids. No hazardous on-field cabling and grounding!

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We have several RJ45 connectors certified to be used in Atex Zone 2 environments and 100% tested at 500V during 1 minutes without sparking. Discover our RJFTVX product designed for device group II category 3G. According to EN60079-15 it may be operated within zone 2 and class I, Division 2, as low power non sparking connectors.
More information on our ATEX RJ45 connectors



Depending on the RJ45 connector you selected, you have different back terminations options that enable you to integrate your receptacle properly into your system:

  • Type 1 : Female exit : you can connect with any standard plug and cordset.
  • Type1RA : Right Angle female exit : you can connect with any standard plug and cordset.
  • Type 2 : Cordset with standard plug : you can connect your cordset with your plug to a standard. You can choose your cordset length.
  • Type 2 OPEN : Cordset with an open end : you can connect your cordset with a plug that you will mount or directly on a PCB. You can choose your cordset length.
  • PC Tails: you can directly solder your receptacle on your PCB.
  • Stand-off : you can directly solder your receptacle on your PCB and have a mechanical recovery directly on the PCB in order to avoid any damage on PC Tails.



To increase the sealing of your RJ45 receptacle, you have two different options :

Increasing the sealing of your receptacle will protect your system against ambient influences. Dust and water or moisture are a constant hazard especially in outdoor applications.


Yes, all our RJ Field standard solutions are IP68 (1 meter during 1 hour) when plug and receptacle are mated or cap and receptacle are mated.

Our waterproof RJ Field solutions are designed to be used in harsh environments both military and civilian. We offer high-quality, high-durability connectivity products to face these challenges.

Our RJ Field Assembly video will show you how easy you can transform a RJ45 corset into an reinforced military-grade RJ45 Ethernet cordset.

Any additional questions regarding our Rugged RJ45 connectors? Check our Rugged Ethernet Connectors product page or contact our Technical Support team


All our solution have full shielding continuity based on our product conception : a metallized insert allows full shielding continuity from the cable to the receptacle and the panel.

Reinforced 360° shielding plug kits are also available including a specific backshell. Click here for more information



Publié #PCN Produit Commentaire
29/11/21 128986 RJF TV Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, RJF Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, PT/451 Series, SL61

Remplacement du marquage réalisé en encrage blanc par du marquage laser sur les pièces Anodisées noires et avec Electrophorèse noire.

Replacement of the white ink marking by laser marking on black anodized and black electrophoresis parts.

Envoi des changements
19/11/18 121984 RJF TV Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, RJF Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, RJF RB, RJF 544, RJ45/M12 adaptor, RJF TV ATEX Zone 2 versions, RJF TV Cordsets & jumpers, RJ45 tactical cordsets, RJS-GMC with Expanded Beam Technology, µCom 10 Gb+, TVµCom 10 Gb+, µCom Cordsets & Jumpers, USBF TV & USB3F TV, USB3 FTV Memory Keys, USB Extender / Amplifier, MILVA NGVA USB Cordsets & Jumpers, USB Field TV Cordsets & Jumpers, USB 2.0 & 3.0 Tactical Cordsets , USB3F TV - Reduced Flange, 2M805, TVOP

Change in appearance of Black Zinc Nickel plating due to sand blasting.

Envoi des changements
05/12/17 115259 RJF Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A

Compound material change for RJF, RJFTV, RJ11F potted receptacle

Envoi des changements
05/12/17 115389 RJF Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A

New dimension of the rear part of the shell

Envoi des changements
05/12/17 120446 RJF Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, RJF TV Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A

All RJF/RJFTV/USBFTV, USBBFTV & LCFTV connectors with black zinc cobalt plating will be replaced by black zinc nickel plating.

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