38999 Series

Series Five

Make No compromises
Part Number :
38999 Series

Series Five

Make No compromises

Key features

  • 100% scoop-proof design 
  • 38999-Qualified Insulator and EMI Spring
  • Quick Coupling Double Start Thread
  • 25% Lighter, 15% Smaller compared to 2M805 & 50% Lighter, 20% Smaller compared D38999 Series III
  • Several materials et platings available, with RoHS & REACH compliant versions


  • Military Avionics
  • Commercial Avionics
  • Military vehicles
  • C5ISR
Technical information
  • 500 mating cycles
  • -65°C to 175°C or 200°C depending on material & plating
  • From 48 to 1000 hours depending on material & plating
  • Triple Wire Seal
  • Shell to shell conductivity 5 mΩ max
  • 100 Mhz to 10Ghz - minimum attenuation of 50dB
  • Insulation resistance @Ambient : 105 mΩ
  • AS39029-Qualified Gold-Plated Contacts
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Last update : 24/07/2023
38999 reduced flange jam nut receptacle
I/O Connectors
38999 Series

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Series Five description

Introduced in the 1960s, the MIL-DTL-38999 series of connectors emerged as a revolutionary military solution, distinguished by its compact contacts and enhanced insert patterns. This innovation surpassed the already well-received MIL-DTL-5015 connectors. Over the ensuing decades, D38999 connectors have not only gained widespread recognition but have also established themselves as the definitive standard in Mil-Spec connectors, particularly in the demanding realms of military and aerospace applications.

Throughout this remarkable journey, the D38999 connectors have continually evolved, giving rise to novel shell styles, innovative coupling methods, diversified derivatives, and expanded capabilities. Remarkably, they have managed to maintain their enduring popularity.

Amphenol, a leader in connector technology, has now introduced the Series Five connector, representing the next evolutionary leap in this illustrious lineage. This cutting-edge connector seamlessly incorporates all the functionalities of the traditional 38999 style connector, all while being lighter, smaller, and more compact. These attributes make it ideally suited to meet the ever-changing demands of the aerospace industry. Embrace the future with the Series Five connector, setting new standards of excellence in connector technology.