2M Micro Miniature


Tri-Start Threaded Coupling Miniature connectors
Part Number :
2M Micro Miniature


Tri-Start Threaded Coupling Miniature connectors

Key features

  • Micro-miniature circular connector
  • Tri-Start fast coupling
  • Dedicated to harsh environment applications
  • More than 45 contacts arrangements, from 1 to 85 contacts
  • Excellent EMI shielding


  • Battlefield Communication C5ISR
  • Grounded vehicles
  • Military avionics
  • Missiles & UAVS
  • Commercial Air
Technical information

Product benefits :

  • Several receptacles style : Square flange, Jam nut, In-line... 
  • Quick coupling, fully mated in a 360deg turn of the coupling nut
  • Superior vibration resistance
  • Standard crimp versions using integrated backshells
  • Epoxy potted PC tails versions

Materials & Platings :

  • Aluminum : Olive drab Cadmium, Black Zinc Nickel , Nickel , Durmalon plated
  • Stainless Steel : Passivated , Nickel plated

Contacts types & terminations :

  • More than 40 arrangements of contacts
  • Contacts sizes 23 to 12
  • Power, Signal, High Speed (#12)
  • Crimp, PC tails

Environmental Characteristics :

  • Up to 500 mating cycles
  • -65degC to 150degC
  • From 48 to 500 hours for aluminum & stainless steel
  • IPX7 when mated and fully cabled

Electrical characteristics :

  • Shell to shell conductivity 2,5 mO max
  • Insulation resistance @Ambient : 5.103 mO
  • Contact rating from 5 to 23 Amps
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2M Micro Miniature

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2M805 description

The 2M805 connector is a micro-miniature circular connector that features the Tri-Start fast coupling mechanism, which allows for quick and easy mating and unmating. It offers more than 45 contact arrangements, ranging from 1 to 85 contacts, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The connector also provides excellent EMI shielding, ensuring reliable data transmission in noisy environments. One of the key benefits of the 2M805 connector is its superior vibration resistance, which makes it suitable for use in grounded vehicles and military avionics. The connector is available in several receptacle styles, including square flange, jam nut, and in-line, to accommodate various installation requirements. Amphenol Socapex offers various materials and plating options, including olive drab cadmium, black zinc nickel, and nickel, to provide corrosion resistance and durability in harsh environments. The connector is also available in aluminum and stainless steel, with passivated or nickel-plated finishes. The 2M805 connector features more than 40 arrangements of contacts, with contact sizes ranging from 23 to 12. It supports power, signal, and high-speed (#12) contacts, and it can be terminated using crimp or PC tails.
In terms of environmental characteristics, the 2M805 connector can withstand up to 500 mating cycles and operate in temperatures ranging from -65degC to 150degC. It also offers IPX7-rated protection when fully mated and cabled. Overall, the Amphenol Socapex 2M805 connector is a reliable and versatile solution for harsh environment applications that require quick coupling, superior vibration resistance, and excellent EMI shielding.