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From connectors to complex integrated solutions, Amphenol Socapex designs and manufactures reliable and innovative harsh environment solutions for the military and aerospace markets.

Reduced Flange 38999 Jam Nut Receptacles

Derived from JD38999 Series III
  • 41% footprint reduction
  • 20% lighter than standard 38999
  • Same performances as JD38999 Series III connectors

SMASH - Advanced LRM connector

High density modular connector
  • Aluminium shell for electrical enhancements
  • Excellent mechanical & electrical reliability
  • High pin counts up to 450 contacts per connector
  • Flexible circuit termination on the plug for short layout on the daughter board

Quadrax Contacts

100% made in France
  • High data transfer rates
  • Low power consumption,
  • Excellent EMI compatibility

Protective Caps for Connectors

Protect your plugs and receptacles with our large range of protective caps.
  • Standard caps for JD38999 I, II, III & PT/451 Series.
  • Rubber caps for JD38999 I, II, III & PT/451 series.
  • Snap caps for PT/451, RJFTV, USBFTV