Product change notifications (PCN)

Amphenol Socapex Product Change Notifications section provides our current customers with our latest changes in design, marking, packaging and any other information relevant to their needs

Published #PCN Product Comments
28/11/2017 115843 Standard caps

Design modification of MIL-DTL-38999 series III, RJFTV, USBFTV & RJ11FTV protective caps.

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13/04/2017 115795 SMASH

Packaging modification - change the screw type for the packaging of the SMASH equipped with flexible circuits

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25/11/2015 115756 EN3645

Marking modification with the double designation F516-EN3645

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22/12/2015 115751 SIHD YL

Design modification - SIHD with YL contacts - To improve our YL contacts stamped process for SIHD connectors, optimization of the design of the female contact.

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13/02/2017 115681 HDAS

Design modification - design update for caps

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01/01/2015 115667 SMASH

Supplier modification - supplier change for soldering of flexible circuit on electrical housings

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15/12/2017 115620 HDAS

Design modification - rationalization of the female contacts

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19/02/2014 115594 SIDH

Supplier modification - change regarding Silastic Silicon, for interfacial seal manufacturing.

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28/11/2017 115542 SIAL

Design modification - design upgrade

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08/08/2012 115520 PowerSafe

End of life of Powersafe old version

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