Product change notifications (PCN)

Amphenol Socapex Product Change Notifications section provides our current customers with our latest changes in design, marking, packaging and any other information relevant to their needs

Published #PCN Product Comments
31/01/2017 115870 RJF TV with R&M core

Design modification. The plug Rj45 R&M Cat6A (red insulator) P/N R815651 will replace the RJ45 R&M Cat5E P/N R320374 

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01/10/2016 115848 Backshells

Design modification of TV35 21-48 backshells

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01/08/2016 115831 Backshells

End of life of series MIL-DTL-38999 & PT/451 backshells

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19/05/2017 115809 µ-Com

New configuration for µ-Com cordset cabling

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01/07/2017 115802 Backshells

Design modification of TV NSB 09 023 F445 backshell

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01/02/2017 115786 RJSPC , Ethernet switch, Rugged IP68

End of life of RJSPC 

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25/05/2016 115782 127 / HE8 804SLD

Modification of Raw Material 

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25/01/2017 115773 Backshells

Design update of LJT SBC & TV SBC Backshell

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21/12/2015 115768 ERGON

End of production of Ergon

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21/12/2015 115765 Concentric Twinax

Change of concentric twinax manufacturing sources

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