RNJ - Rack & Panel

Rack & Panel Blind Mate connector for harsh environments

Key features
  • Rack & Panel connectors for harsh environment
  • Very light weight vs ARINC 404 or 600
  • Derived from HE308/38999 series I
  • Realignment capability on 3 axis
  • 38999 level sealing with the specific membrane mounting
  • Battlefield Communication
  • Ground vehicles
  • Military avionics
  • Advanced industrial applications
Technical information

EMI shielding:

  • Shells are grounded before contact mating
  • Lightweight space saving design


  • 500 cycles

Moisture resistance:

  • in addition to interfacial seal, main joint souffler and rear gasket on the plug are set up for moisture sealing between connector halves

Corrosion resistance:

  • Olive drab cadmium over nickel plating on aluminium shell (withstands 500 hours of salt spray exposure) or electroless nickel
  • Free cadmium version also available. 8 shell sizes from 11 to 25

Contact protection:

  • 100% scoop-proof. The design prevents bent pins and a short circuit occuring during mating.
  • Between 1 and 128 contacts in accordance with Mil-C-39029 standard
  • Crimp contacts sizes 22D, 20, 16, 12, 8, 4, 00.
  • PCB contacts sizes 22D & 20 (size 16, 12, 8, please consult Amphenol)
  • Wire-wrap contacts sizes 22D & 20
  • Optical termini (POM series) in accordance with Mil-T-29504 standard

For environmental applications:

  • Supplied without rear accessories. Design provides serrations on rear threads of shells. Compatible with some M 85049 rear accessories for MIL-DTL-38999 I connectors. Please consult us.
  • Temperature range: -65°C +175°C
  • Insulation resistance > 5000 Mohms at ambient temperature under 500 Vcc

The RNJ rack and panel connectors are designed for blind mate connections


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