38999 Size 7

Micro-miniature connectors

Key features
  • Derived from MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors
  • Available versions : Coax, Twinax, Quadrax, Lux Beam
  • Available in O.D.Cadmium (non RoHS compliant, 500h salt Spray), Nickel (RoHS, 48h salt spray) & Black Zinc Nickel (RoHS, 300h salt spray)
  • Battlefield Network, Soldier wearable equipments
  • Avionics (Planes, Helicopters, UAVs), calculators
  • Ethernet switches, media converters, manpack
  • Digital radios, data acquisition equipments
  • Navy, Missiles
Technical information


  • Crimp or PCB tail versions
  • Integrated backshell for Crimp version
  • Available receptacles Jam Nut or 03 versions (only 2 screws)
  • Plug with socket contacts / Receptacle with pin contacts


  • Smaller: reduced footprint, reduced length
  • Lighter: from 39% to 58% weight reduction (comparizon 38999 size 7 with integrated backshell vs standard 38999 size 9 without integrated backshell)

Match the performances of MIL-DTL-38999 serie III connector type (EN 3645) in terms of :

  • Shocks and vibrations
  • Temperature :
    • 200°C for Electroless Nickel
    • 175°C for Olive Drab Cadmium & Black Zinc Nickel
  • Electrical performances
  • Salt Spray resistance
  • 48h for Electroless Nickel
  • 500h for Olive Drab Cadmium
  • 300h for Black Zinc Nickel

JD38999 Size 7 is ideal for applications for which space, wieght and speed are critical


Brochure Size 7 38999 Series III

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