Octomax 1G26 Contacts

A new generation of Ethernet contacts compatible with Size 8 quadrax cavities for D38999, EN3645, EN4165 connectors
3D files available

Key features
  • The right choice for ethernet Cat 5e and AFDX application
  • One Octomax 1G26 is equivalent to two quadrax
  • Fits in a standard size 8 quadrax cavity
  • Available in crimp and PC Tail version
  • Ethernet
  • AFDX Network with reduced envelope
Technical information
  • To be released soon

When space saving and performance are needed , Octomax 1G26 is the solution. The contacts are compatible with size 8 quadrax (keyed) cavities for MIL-DTL-38999, EN3645 and EN4165 connector ranges.


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172-plc-007-00B Octonet 1G26 socket 603069

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172-plc-008-00B Octonet 1G26 pin 603072

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American Wire Gauge is a standardized wire gauge systems defining the diameters of conductive wires. The AWG tables usually are for a single, solid and round conductor. As for the contact size, the higher the gauge or AWG number is, the smaller the wire diameter is. For example, the AWG 0000 (or 4/0) has a diameter of 11.68mm when AWG 40 has a diameter of 0.09mm.


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