Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Military Switch RES-SCE-12MG

Fully MIL-STD compliant
Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Military Switch RES-SCE-12MG

Fully MIL-STD compliant

Key features

  • Managed miniature portable Ethernet switch
  • 12 Gigabit ports
  • Optimized for Size Weight and Power (SWaP)


  • Unmanned vehicles
  • Battlefield communication c4IsR
  • Mobile Rugged networks
  • Avionic & shipboard system
Technical information

Technical information is available in our User's Manual (see Documentation tab)

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Last update : 16/01/2024
Ethernet Military Switch RES-SCE-8MG Amphenol Socapex Connectors
Ethernet Switch & Media Converter
Ethernet Switch

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Ethernet Military Switch RES-SCE-12MG description

The Amphenol Socapex MIL-STD-461 Ethernet Military Switch RES-SCE-12MG is a managed miniature portable Ethernet switch designed to withstand harsh environments and fully comply with MIL-STD requirements. It offers 12 Gigabit ports and is optimized for Size, Weight and Power (SWaP), making it ideal for use in unmanned vehicles, battlefield communication, mobile rugged networks, and avionic & shipboard systems.

This Ethernet switch is compact and easy to use, with advanced features like VLAN tagging, QoS, and port mirroring to enhance network management and control. Its rugged design ensures maximum performance in extreme conditions, including high shock and vibration, low and high temperatures, and exposure to moisture and dust.

The RES-SCE-12MG is built to meet demanding military standards such as MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-810F/GM, and MIL-STD-1275, ensuring that it is reliable and resilient in the most challenging environments. With its advanced features and robust construction, the RES-SCE-12MG is a top-of-the-line Ethernet switch for military applications.