38999 Series

TV - Stand-off receptacle

For a quick & durable installation
38999 Series

TV - Stand-off receptacle

For a quick & durable installation

Key features

  • Derived from MIL-DTL-38999 series III
  • Allow to screw PCB on connector's shell
  • No risk of breaking contacts or micro-cuts
  • High level vibration resistance in harsh environments
  • Several materials et platings available, with RoHS & REACH compliant versions


  • Battlefield Communication C5ISR
  • Ground Vehicles
  • Military Avionics
  • Commercial Air 
  • Navy 
  • Space
Technical information

Product benefits :

  • Matches with MIL-DTL-38999 series III performances
  • Easy part numbering: Add F459 or F058 / F059 (stand-off reduced flange) at the end of your standard part number
  • Mates with standard TV / 38999 series III plugs
  • Provide grounding continuity between PCB and box
  • Easy & quick installation

Materials & Platings :

  • Aluminum : Olive drab Cadmium, Black Zinc Nickel, Nickel, Tin Zinc plated
  • Marine Bronze (unplated) 
  • Stainless Steel : Passivated, Nickel plated

Contacts types & terminations :

  • More than 80 contacts arrangements
  • Contacts size 23 HD to 8
  • Signal, Power, High-speed versions (Coax, Twinax, Quadrax, Octomax...)
  • PC-Tails only (gold & tinned versions)

Environmental Characteristics :

  • 500 mating cycles
  • -65degC to +175degC or 200degC depending on material & plating
  • From 48 to 500 hours for aluminum & stainless steel, 1000hours for marine bronze
  • IPX7 when mated and fully cabled

Electrical characteristics :

  • Shell to shell conductivity from 1 to 10 mO depending on materials & platings
  • Shell to shell bottoming, grounding fingers on the plug shell
  • Insulation resistance @Ambient : 5.103 mO
  • Contact rating from 3 to 40 Amps
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Catalog MIL-DTL-38999 & Derivates

Last update : 05/03/2024
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#PCN 133633
TV - Reduced flange receptacle
TV - Integrated Backshell
TV - Stand-off receptacle
LJT - HE308 - 38999 Series I
RNJ - Reduced Flange
RNJLP - Rack & Panel Low profile

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TV - Stand-off receptacle description

The TV Stand-off receptacle is a high-performance connector designed for applications that require a quick and durable installation. The receptacle is equipped with PC tail contacts and a stand-off, which allows for easy attachment to printed circuit boards without placing any mechanical stress on the contacts' terminations. The square flange and jam nut receptacles provide grounding continuity between the PCB and box, increasing reliability and resistance to shocks and vibrations. This connector is suitable for a range of applications, including ground vehicles, commercial and military avionics. The TV Stand-off receptacle is available in various configurations, including receptacles with stand-off flange shells and tin-plated contacts, with lead-free versions also available. The connector is compatible with LJT, JT, TV, CTV, SJT, RNJ, RNJLP, and SC39 shells. Designed for optimal performance, the TV Stand-off receptacle provides a reliable solution that prevents any mechanical stress on the contact tails. This ensures a secure and stable connection, even in harsh environments. With its superior performance and easy installation, the TV Stand-off receptacle is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.