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Rugged Oval Key
USB Keys


Rugged Oval Key

Key features

  • Available capacities : 16, 32, 64, 128 & 256Gb.
  • Compatible with any USB port receptacle.
  • USB3.2 Gen1 max transfer rate : 5 Gb/s


  • Battlefield Communication
  • Grounded vehicles
  • Military avionics Industrial
Technical information
  • Black painting - RoHS compliant
  • Resitance against shocks, fire, vibrations
  • Sealed against fluids and dusts : IP68 mated
  • Storage temperature : - 10degC / +70degC
  • Operating temperature : 0degC / +35degC
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ROK - Rugged Oval Key Datasheet

Last update : 25/07/2023

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ROK description

The Amphenol Socapex ROK is a rugged USB oval key designed for harsh environments where data security and durability are critical. It comes in various capacities ranging from 16 to 256Gb and is compatible with any USB port receptacle. The ROK has a USB3.2 Gen1 max transfer rate of 5 Gb/s, allowing for fast and efficient data transfer. This oval key is ideal for military avionics, grounded vehicles, and battlefield communication. It is resistant to shocks, fire, and vibrations, making it suitable for use in extreme conditions. Additionally, it is sealed against fluids and dust, with an IP68 rating when mated. The ROK has a storage temperature of -10degC to +70degC and an operating temperature of 0degC to +35degC. The ROK is RoHS compliant and has a black painting finish, giving it a sleek and professional appearance. It provides a secure and reliable means of storing and transporting important information in harsh and demanding environments.