Business Development Manager


Describe your job


My name is Vincent Anderson, I am the Business Development Manager Export for Amphenol Socapex since April 2017 in France. But if we're talking about export, I'll switch to English.

I’m a Business Developer Manager Export. I represent Amphenol Socapex, my territory which includes countries like Benelux, Italy, UK, South America, Israel and South Africa.


What skills do you need to do your job ?

Need to say it’s a combination between a hunter and farmer.

Hunter because you go out into the market then your hand for a problem and need or opportunity and a former because you constantly plant little seeds across your territory while and working on growing relationship with their customers and ultimately becoming the go to for future requirements. Then yeah, that’s picking the fruit !


What do you like most about your job?

I love winning and learning about new things obviously, and I like traveling and experiencing different countries, cultures, languages and cuisines.

I generally like people.


Tell us something interesting about your job

I often see or work on things most people only ever see in movies. That’s quite cool !