Job interview buyer


What are your main tasks ?

They are based on three axes:

- an axis based on competitiveness : buy at the best price according to the levels of quality and time required, to contribute to customer service and the rapid introduction of newdevelopments.

- A risk area: securing strategic sources of sources of purchase anticipate market disruptions, (material disruptions, legislative framework and ethics) and finally, a value creation axis:

- Indeed, external sources sources as well as internal ones are formidable generating innovations

(product, process or ecological). So it's up to us to capture them and promote them internally

for the products of tomorrow.


What skills do you need to do your job ?

The buyer represents the company to the outside world, it must arouse desire to attract the best partners and keep them motivated. This requires good communication skills and open-mindedness. You also need good negotiation skills with some creativity. Indeed, even the most complex negotiation can be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.


Tell us something interesting about your job

Recently, during the heavy COVID in India, I was asked to by management to find, purchase and ship equipment, medical devices, including oxygen concentrators, in a few days, to India, in order to assist our colleagues over there and their relatives who do not always have access to emergency medical equipment, in hospital facilities or far away.

What do you like most about your job?

Facilitating multicultural relations.