Junior Product Manager (work-study student)


What type of work-study program do you do?


I am on an apprenticeship contract at Amphenol Socapex as a junior product manager in the military and aeronautics business division.

So, my alternating rhythm is three days at Amphenol SOCAPEX and two days at school

during the first semester, then four days in the company and one day at school at the school for the second semester.


When did you join Amphenol SOCAPEX?


I joined Amphenol Socapex in September 2020 for one year.


What are your main tasks?


I am in charge of the range circular power connectors, PowerSafe and the backshells.

My main mission is to develop the PowerSafe range for defence markets.

We are working on an extension range with three new arrangements for 2021.

To do this, I analyzed the sales of the range, the market, the competition.

I have also inquired on customer needs, in order to select, with the team, the products

to develop and work on on investment requests.

Currently, I am following the whole development process with the designers & engineers.

Once the products are developed, it is also my role to participate in the production of the communication supports and to promote these products.


What skills do you need to have to do your job ?

The skills to be a good product manager include obviously good skills in marketing. To know how

to analyze the market data, build marketing tools create product sheets,


do competitive intelligence, but also to have skills in communication, in particular knowing

how to to create communication supports. It is also important to know how to express yourself, to be able to do presentations, English language skills, especially when working in an international company.

You also need to have skills in computer science, thus a great knowledge of knowledge of the MS Pack Office, and the Adobe Suite is a plus.

I also think it is essential to be organized, rigorous and curious, especially in a sector as diverse as

particular and complex than the military market.


What do you like most about your job ?


My favorite part, is to start a job from the beginning and finish it: define the needs,

understanding the phases of its creation, then follow the manufacturing, marketing and sales analysis to find out how the product is perceived by the market.


It is a great satisfaction and a great pride to participate to the development of a product as a whole.


It was Charlotte, a work-study student as a Junior Product Manager at Amphenol Socapex