Machining Quality Control Technician

Machining Quality Control Technician

Describe your job ?

My job is to check the quality of parts made in the machine shop.

The parts must meet specified standards and quality requirements.

To check a part, I start by reading a design drawing and then perform a dimensional and aspect check.

I inspect between 30 and 200 pieces per day depending on the lot.

I use several tools to verify each piece meets the standards & quality required.


What skills do you need to have to do your job ?

You have to know how to read a plan, master measuring instruments, be organized and meticulous and have good team spirit.


What do you like most about your job ?

Being autonomous and being able to organize my work.

I also really enjoy working closely with my colleagues.


Tell us something interesting about your job ?

There can be 95 dimensions to check on one piece.


Why is your job important ?

It’s a great responsability.

Our customers expect high quality pieces. My job is to guarantee that evey piece they receive meets, their expectations.


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