Materials and surface Coatings Engineer

Robin - Materials and Surface Coatings Engineer

The engineering laboratory employs 12 people

Tell us about your job !

I am a materials and surface coating engineer working within Amphenol Socapex’s engineering laboratory. I am the expert in characterization of surface coatings.

What is surface coatings ?

It is a thin layer applied to a material in order to protect it and add new properties.

Describe your job

My main mission is to find new surface coatings, innovative processes in accordance with the regulations in place, especially regarding the environment. The goal is to find a process as efficient as the current one.

We work with the Plating team, in close collaboration with various external partners to develop the future surface treatments.

At the same time, I also bring my technical expertise to address all the issues regarding surface coatings.

What skills do you need to do your job ?

To have good theoretical and practical skills on the different materials, a good analytical mind, be able to manage innovative projects and have a good team spirit.

What do you like most about your job ?

The large autonomy I have to find innovative subjects.

Tell us something interesting about your job ?

I didn't think my skills would climb up so quickly and I would travel abroad to make a presentation in English in front of 300 American soldiers.