Materials Research Engineer

Materials Research Engineer

What are your main missions ?

I am the technical/scientific referent of our plastics.

I set up and pilot research programs to develop innovative materials with an eco-responsible character.

At the same time, I quality and validate new raw materials.

To do this, I develop our network on a daily basis, thus creating strong relationships with our suppliers and external collaborators.

I am also the technical referent for issues related to plastics within Amphenol Socapex.

I help my colleagues to find solutions and guide them towards better subject choices.

I also ensure the dissemination and capitalization of technical/scientific knowledge, and I create strong links with my counterparts in sister companies.



What skills do you need to have to do your job ?

Rigor, a good critical mind, scientific curiosity and excellent human relations.


What do you like most about your job ?

I am fortunate to have a job where I learn things every day.

I really appreciate the international dimension of my work.

I have the opportunity to speak English on a daiy basis, travel and collaborate with people from different cultures and countries.


A history about your job ?

I grew up in the Andes, I’m happy to have arrived in Haute-Savoie !