Rectifier workshop technician

Babeth, Rectifier workshop technician

Department/Service: Tooling workshop


Describe your job

The role of the tooling workshop is to manufacture tools for automatic machines as well as moulds and prototypes.

I produce small parts for assembly machines and control tooling. I am in charge of finishing the mould elements and pieces for automatic machines, previously roughened by turning and milling.

For this, I use flat and cylindrical grinding machines that allow me to perform extremely precise operations ranging from a hundredth to a micron. These machines are equipped with a grinding wheel: a very fine grain and very hard disk, which by the action of turning very quickly, wears out the material and allows me to remove very little thickness at a time. This gives a very smooth appearance to the steel, without roughness and without scratching the workpiece.

I also provide emergency service, in case of tool breakage, the annual maintenance of parts such as block sharpening for our screw-machining, machining and assembly workshops.

What skills do you need to do your job ?

To have a good basis in mechanics, to know how machines work, to know how to read a technical plan, to take measurements, to be good at trigonometry, patient and very meticulous. You also need good physical abilities because you’re standing up all day long.


What do you like most about your job?

I appreciate the diversity of my work, there is little monotony in a day, I can go from one machine to another and regularly change the pieces to be produced. I also like the contact with the material and especially to be able to observe the usefulness of the part and the functioning of the tooling.


Tell us something interesting about your job

I was hired by Amphenol Socapex as a controller and then as an industrial designer. During a sports gathering with colleagues after work, I was offered my current job.

It’s very important to get involved in the company life outside working hours, otherwise I would never have had the opportunity to obtain this position. I have been working in this position for 30 years now and 40 years at Amphenol Socapex!