Team Leader - Tool and mold maler


Nizar,  Team Leader - Tool and mold maker

Department/Service: Moulding

Describe your job

I prepare and maintain molds which are designed with great precision. I am the guarantor of these unique molds that allow us to produce hundreds of copies of the same part.

One of my main missions is to prepare the molds. I modify the molds so that they correspond to the technically specified part. I disassemble then reassemble the mold and check the dimensions to the nearest hundredth. I have to be meticulous during this mission.

I have 200 molds of different shapes at my disposal, which I use according to the part requested. Once the mold is prepared, a machine setter picks it up to install it in the machine. The mold is used to produce our connectors, insulators or wafers. Plastic is injected inside the mold at a high temperature and this process creates a part.

Every week, I plan the manufacturing orders. I specify the different parts to be made, the molds to be prepared and the machines to operate.

I am the point of contact for my team composed of 2 machine setters, an operator, 2 controllers and a quality person. I help them to solve issues in order to produce parts in conformity and within the allotted time.

I also handle emergencies, mold adjustments and repairs when molds are worn or defective.

At the same time, I work with outside service providers to produce new molds when we have very specific parts to make.


What skills do you need to do your job ?

You must have good vision in space, know how to use mechanical machines, read technical drawings, be precise and have a very good analytical and methodical mind.


What do you like most about your job?

I like finding solutions to improve the manufacturing process of our products.

I also enjoy working in collaboration with my various fellow machine setters with whom we share our work experiences.


Tell us something interesting about your job

I had the chance to go to Portugal to visit our mold manufacturer. Sharing my experience, understanding our needs, exchanging and discovering my service provider's way of working was very enriching for me.

I really appreciate the fact that Amphenol Socapex offers us the opportunity to discover, to be able to evolve with confidence and to take new responsibilities.